Baltic Sea Region Cluster-to-Cluster Conference

18 MARCH 2013

On April 9th and 10th 2013 the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Innovation Express presents a Cluster-to-Cluster Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, where businesses can meet and pitch ideas for new projects.

Innovation Express logoIn order to move forward, cluster collaboration has proved to be useful, both regionally and internationally. BSR Innovation Express has created a way to bring businesses together by organizing events where those businesses can meet each other in brief matchmaking sessions. It’s like speeddating – only in a professional way!

This April the next Cluster-to-Cluster Conference will take place in Copenhagen, and clusters from ten different countries have already signed up. During the conference, there will be presentations on the do’s and don’ts of cluster internationalization and funding for cluster collaboration. The opportunity to meet businesses within or out of your cluster, to get to know their specialties, to pitch ideas and to gather information on possible new projects.

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To participate, only a registration is required. You can plan meetings beforehand or be booked for meetings by other participants. Sign up here and read more about BSR’s Cluster-to-Cluster matchmaking.

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