Mobilise Europe!

18 NOVEMBER 2013

On November 20th, 2013, the European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance (EMMIA) will hold an event on the position of Europe in the mobile industries. Come to Brussels and find out how your European region can compete with the rest of the world!

“Taking back the excellence within mobile and mobile service industry in Europe.”

‘Europe was once in the lead in mobile industry with companies like Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens and Alcatel. Today much of the mobile
development has moved to other parts of the world, with US and Asia as the big players. But what is next? If Europe wants to become
leading in mobile technology and service we need to look at those regions in Europe where things are happening today and try to learn
from them. We also need to look at what is happening in other parts of the world.’

‘This event is for those who work with regional development, industry policies and SME development and who are interested in what factors are important in order to build excellence in the field of mobile technology or services (some of the findings will be usable on other sectors as well). During the event you will hear about a large European study of emerging spots but also meet speakers with great industry experience and experience from policy making and cluster development.’

More information
The event will take place from 11:30-16:30 in Brussels, Belgium. The program can be found here.
Read more on the project in the Mobilise Europe Summary (pdf)