Smart to Future Cities

18 MARCH 2014

On April 29th and 30th the Smart to Future Cities event will take place in London. During this event, Smart Cities are the centre point of attention. This year’s focus will lie on the move of Smart Cities into the mainstream.

smartcitiesnovum_logoHow do city governments implement smart city development in their policy and projects? An increasing trend is being seen of governments committing to deploying smart city protocols and operating platforms, and also accepting smart technologies as the norm in transport, energy, development, assisted living and security in cities.

The event will handle over 80 international case studies on Smart Cities, and cover all the ICT/Telco enabler platforms and technologies that are influencing interaction in cities, and that are cost effective and valuable. Discussion sessions, keynote speeches and more; this is to be expected of Smart to Future Cities 2014.

Five reasons to attend:

  • Meet the challenge of managing Big Data in the Smart City- utilise the cloud’s rich offerings.
  • Establish your position in the complex smart city eco system of software, infrastructure, telco, utility, transport, healthcare and retail providers
  • Build the right partnerships and take advantage of the enormous revenue opportunities and OPEX savings still yet to be seized through cloud service offerings and smart city programs
  • Access the technology and apps best placed to enable the Smart City: WiFi, cable, FTTx, LTE, Cloud, M2M, satellite, Smart Devices, HTML and APPs , plus the right people power to make tech work!
  • Understand the needs of international city administrations for integrated solutions for energy, transport, retail and healthcare

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