The New Mobile Horizon – The Mobile World Congress

21 NOVEMBER 2012

Mobile technology is constantly in rapid development, generating endless opportunities for innovation and new applications of the technology. Therefore, a new edition of the Mobile World Congress will be organized 0n 25-28 February 2013 in Barcelona.

The New Mobile Horizon - the Mobile World CongressThe Mobile World Congress has grown to become an annual, industry-leading event.

Among the many things the conference has to offer are a product and technology exhibition (featuring over 1,500 exhibitors); the Global Mobile Awards programme; a Conference programme with panel discussions and keynote speakers; a centre for the mobile app community names App Planet; and plenty of opportunities for networking.

The organizers have promised the Congress to be an even bigger success than the edition of 2012, which was attended by a record-breaking 67,000 people (among which were over 3,500 CEOs, 38,000 C-Level leaders, and 3,300 press members representing media outlets from 92 countries).

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