Joost Heinsius

fotoJoostpsychoCurious and always on a quest to find quality in culture and cultural entrepeneurship. That’s Joost Heinsius summarized. Currently he holds the position of Manager Knowledge & Innovation at Cultuur-Ondernemen/Culture-Entrepeneurship. This Dutch organization supports and stimulates cultural entrepreneurs by giving financial advice and facilitating knowledge transfers. Heinsius develops new projects, new financial facilities and connections between old and new worlds. Last year, he co-published a book on the TAFI project: Training Artists for Innovation. Is it possible to train artists for innovation? Or are artists innovative by nature? He triggers the questions and answers them. The central message of the book Training Artists for Innovation is a contribution to the societal and business challenges of today. What inspires him, which celebrity does he secretly admire and what’s the best advice he has ever heard? Find out down below!

ECIA project if applicable:

The name of your organisation:

Organisation founding date:

Where are you located:
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

About your organisation:
Support entrepreneurship, develop cross-overs and provide financial facilities.

Current project(s):
CI-Factor, Connecting Arts&Business, Cultural Governance Code.

Source of inspiration:
Patti Smith: your name is everything you have (even when it is Smith).

My Big Idea for the Creative Industries in Europe:
We need a lot of small working ideas.

Favorite tools:

Favorite website(s):
Roomed (for beautiful houses).

Reading, watching the water flow by.

Secret admiration for:

Best advice I ever received:
Do not try to change what you can not influence.

Best practice:
The one of tomorrow.

Worst practice:

Tips for professional colleagues:
Keep asking.

Company website/Web 2.0:

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