Boris Meggiorin

Boris Meggiorin is the Head of International development at the Cluster Quartier de la Création, a service of SAMBorisOA (Redevelopment agency of the West Atlantic urban agglomeration in Nantes, France).

The Cluster supports creative industries in Nantes and its region. Boris Meggiorin is responsible for the international relations and lobbying activities of the agency as well as implementing concrete projects to support creative industries in the area. He is specialized on capacity building of artists and creative

Before he started working at Nantes’ Quartier de la Création, Boris Meggiorin was
working as an expert on international relations for TILLT, a company producing artistic interventions in organizations in Gothenburg (Sweden), at the Regional Council of Southern Småland in Växjö (Sweden) and at the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia in Barcelona. He is lecturer on EU funding at the Master of Cultural cooperation at the University of Barcelona.

Boris Meggiorin holds a Master of Management of EU funding and he is graduated in Politics and Economics of the European Union at the University of Bologna (Italy).