Gertraud Leimüller

Gertraud Leimüller – Expert Austria

Gertraud Leimüller is the elected president of the Creative Industries platform Creativ Wirtschaft Austria, a nation-wide competence centre and platform for Creative Industries – entrepreneurs as well as individuals. Creativ Wirtschaft Austria is embedded in the Austrian Federal Chamber of Economics. Her key areas of expertise are policies to support creative industries, industrial innovation policy, policymaking, and policy assessment.

The Creativ Wirtschaft Austria is a platform that supports the interests of the Austrian Creative Industries, both nationally and internationally at European level, and functions as one of the Austrian Creative Industries linkage with other sectors. Its main objectives are skills development for creative people through concrete services, networking companies and intermediaries; representing the interests of the Creative Industries and advocating for a supportive environment; and providing information and creating awareness, acting as a knowledge hub for Austria and commissioning investigations to study and increase the visibility of the achievements of the Creative Industries.