Jean Schneider

Jean Schneider – Expert France

Jean SchneiderJean Schneider is the European Projects manager at APCI (Agence pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle), based in Paris, and an independent designer and consultant. APCI is currently being transformed into the French National design centre.

His work involves driving and managing projects set up with other design promotion and innovation support bodies in Europe, and representing APCI in its European networks. Most of these projects relate to the better integration of design in the economy (and specifically small and medium enterprises wishing to transform) and the society (e.g. by involving local or regional authorities).

In 2003 Jean founded an annual European Conference on design policies and design support in Europe. It has now become a regular meeting point for all those who deal with design and innovation support. It is also an informal platform for addressing the European Commissions design and innovation support actions, and networking.

Jean is often asked as a speaker on conferences and chairs round tables on design, design support and innovation. As a former professor at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Jean is invited to give workshops, seminars and lectures in design schools. His main areas of interest and study are the socio-cultural value of design, design theories, the integration of design attitudes in project management and businesses, and issues related to co-design in the social sphere. His practice concentrates on exhibition design.