Johanna Bolhoven

Johanna Bolhoven – Expert UK

Johanna Bolhoven holds a position in the ECIA platform on behalf of Creative England. Creative England works to ensure a dynamic, thriving and economically successful future for the Creative Industries outside London. It provides dedicated support to film, television, games and digital & creative services in the England region outside London.

Creative England uses more of a geographical approach rather than a sector specific approach, supporting the Creative Industries in England, outside of London. However, one of their ways of promoting economic success in the Creative Industries is through their new business development unit, which produces workable strategies to support creative and digital SMEs throughout England.
Creative England states that “building a large number of innovative creative partnerships with a host of other business sectors is also paramount at Creative England in order to facilitate economic growth”, meaning that they strongly agree that cross-sector collaboration aids effectively in economic growth. Nesta, the UK’s foundation for innovation, has also stated that they will support Creative England in its work to ensure that the insights and activities of the Policy Learning Platform have resonance across England and the wider UK.