Rasmus W. Tscherning

Rasmus Wiinstedt TscherningRasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning – Expert Denmark, Spokesperson ECIA

Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning is the Chairman of the ECIA Policy Learning Platform.
In his daily job he is the Managing Director of the Center for Cultural and Experience Economy (CKO) of Denmark. His key areas of expertise are policies to support creative industries, industrial innovation policy, policymaking, policy assessment, and instrument development/assessment. He has extensive experience working at EU/international, national and regional local level.

The Center for Cultural and Experience Economy (CKO) is an independent government-funded agency established in 2008 by the ministry of Economics and Business Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. The creation of CKO is in fulfillment of an agreement between a broad coalition of political parties that recognised the importance of culture and the experience economy to Denmark’s general economic outlook. CKO aims to promote the growth of the Danish culture and experience economy by facilitating cooperation between businesses and the cultural and creative sectors, as well as to strengthen the business competency of entities in the cultural arena.

Fun fact: Rasmus used to work for the Roskilde Festival!