Tanja Mühlhans

Tanja Muehlhans im Berlinomat.copyright: uwe steinert. berlin.Tanja Muehlhans (degree in economic science) works since 2001 for the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research/ Initiative Project Future in Berlin.

Projekt Zukunft is an initiative by the federal state of Berlin aimed at promoting growth in the fields of ICT, media and the creative industries, which also includes the digital economy sector. Serving as a link between business, science and politics, this project has been working for more than 15 years on improving the framework conditions of companies based in Berlin and is hence supporting their growth and innovative capacity. Projekt Zukunft draws up strategies for Berlin, establishes platforms, initiates networks, organises ex-change with companies, develops new business promotion tools, prepares studies and co-finances or implements innovative projects for business and society.

Tanja Muehlhans is responsible for the fields film, media, design and fashion. Milestones in her career were Berlin´s first creative industries report in 2005, the Unesco certification for Berlin as City of Design in 2006, her role as chairman of the creative industries board on national level since 2008, the successful growth of the Berlin Fashion Week as well as digital/ design/ fashion sector and for example Berlin´s new portal for crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. She developed and realizes a comprehensive toolbox for the design and fashion industry.

Tanja Muehlhans is involved in the creative economy for more than 10 years, as government officer, business advicer, speaker and freelance consultant. Since 2012 she is project leader responsible for the work package „Cluster Excellence“  within the European Creative Industries Alliance and member of the ECIA Steering Committee.