Apply now and join TIDE’s Circle of Innovation Cities

19 AUGUST 2013

The EU TIDE project is now accepting applications for up to 50 cities across Europe to join its Circle of Innovative Cities. The deadline for applying is 20 September 2013.

TIDE logoHave you ever wondered how to transfer an innovative (transport) idea from another city to your own? Or how to share your innovative ideas with others?

The EU TIDE project is currently accepting applications for up to 50 cities to join its Circle of Innovative Cities for learning and exchange in the following thematic areas:

  • Road and parking pricing as demand management measures
  • Non-motorised transport
  • Advanced traffic management for traveller information systems
  • Electric mobility
  • Public transport organisation

Participating cities will learn about the latest innovations in sustainable transport in Europe and about how to successfully transfer good ideas from one city to another. They will benefit from the knowledge and experience of other cities and share their own expertise. Travel and accommodation subsidies are available.

Activities for the Circle of Innovative Cities include:

  • Innovative ideas and how to take advantage of them – An interactive workshop on innovative transport measures and how to transfer them, 12-13 November 2013 – Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Making innovation reality, a first-hand view – A topic-specific site visit and workshop, Spring 2014 – visits to TIDE partner cities Budapest, Donostia-San Sebastian, Milan, Reading, Rotterdam (specific dates and locations TBC, depending on topic area).
  • Putting it all together – A workshop on integrating transport innovation and sustainable urban mobility planning, Spring 2015 – location TBC.

What the Circle of Innovation Cities offers:

  • Topical site visits and presentations in the context of the workshops.
  • Exchange with other cities in person at workshops and virtually between workshops.
  • International networking opportunities.
  • First-hand information on the latest research and implementation on a range of sustainable mobility measures.
  • Training and a handbook on how to transfer innovative mobility measures from one city to another.
  • Training and a handbook on how to apply cost-benefit analysis to transport initiatives.
  • E-learning courses, webinars and resource materials for you and your colleagues.
  • The opportunity to participate directly in developing innovative mobility for Europe.
  • The TIDE project has some resources available to reimburse travel and accommodation costs for workshops.

What the Circle of Innovation Cities asks of you:

  • Attendance at 2 workshops between November 2013 and the end of 2014 (the third workshop in 2015 is optional).
  • Completion of a questionnaire prior to each workshop (to structure the workshop and provide a starting point for discussion).
  • Preparation before each workshop (i.e. reading briefing documents, possibly preparing a short presentation).

Who is eligible?
Applicants can be any local or regional public authority responsible for urban transport issues, i.e. municipalities, regions, public transport authorities or public agencies) or NGOs with a letter from the local authority supporting their participation. Applicants may be from the EU28, plus Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, FYROM, Turkey, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Albania and Moldova. Member selection for the TIDE Circle of Innovative Cities will be based on creating a good balance of innovative cities – geographically, by city size and across the TIDE topic areas.

All activities will take place in English.

To apply
Please send your completed application form to Ivo Cré (icre(at) or Yannick Bousse (yannick.bousse(at) by Friday 20 September 2013.

Download here the TIDE Circle of Innovation Cities Application Form (docx).

About the TIDE project
Innovative ideas usually start in one or a few places before they reach wider coverage. TIDE helps cities across Europe to shorten the path toward the implementation of innovative measures by supporting exchange on innovation to help transfer successful solutions from one European region to another. TIDE’s aim is to contribute to a more favourable climate for cities and regions to integrate innovations into their urban mobility policies, leading to increased acceptance and take-up of new urban transport solutions and technologies. TIDE helps cities and regions address common challenges in a collaborative and integrated way. For more information on the TIDE project, please visit the webpage.