CALL: Regions, demonstrate your cluster strategies

19 MARCH 2014

The European Commission’s department of Enterprise and Industry sent out an informal call for regional organisations. This is their chance to demonstrate their regional cluster policy and serve as a model region for smart specialization.

Europe at night from the ISS by Phil Plait - Found on Flickr (CC)
The regions with the highest ambitions on the cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation areas will have the highest chances of getting into the program. In this program, the European Cluster Observatory will give advice and support to further develop the cluster concepts for industry and SME development. Modern cluster policies must be designed to free all paths for innovation.

European Cluster Observatory
The second generation of the European Cluster Observatory, which was launched in January 2014 by the European Commission through a service contract, brings together a pool of experts to support the model demonstrator regions. They will receive assessment reports based on analysis and stakeholder interviews, surveys and benchmarking results, have a two-day peer review meeting organised for them in their region and be provided with final policy briefings.

Call details
Applications should be submitted before May 12th, 2014. The applications contains a short concept note (max. 5 pages) that responds to the informal call (see download below this article) and that describes a specific challenge or opportunity that this particular region would like to address through cluster policy. This includes vision, commitment, and an idea of the advice that is needed.

It is intended that the selection is announced no later than the end of June 2015, and the first meetings will take place in 2014 as well. Advisory support services are planned for 2015.

Please download the Informal Call for the Expression of Interest for Model Demonstrator Regions (pdf)
For more information, please visit the Cluster Collaboration website.