Call: researching Creative Industries and eHumanities

23 APRIL 2013

Universities and graduate schools in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, are teaming up and organise research projects on the Creative Industries and Digital Humanities. In 2012, the first projects were launched and these will be wrapped up soon. That means that new initiatives can be started! Applications can be submitted until May 27th (for UvA) and June 23d (for VU).

Academic Amsterdam started this research project to put the Creative Industries and Digital Humanities (or eHumanities) to the attention. These projects are collaborations of private partners and embedded researchers in these two domains. Every project will take place during 6-12 months, will be focused on Humanities-based questions and research, must be innovative and also focuses on sustainability and knowledge utilization. The new round of research projects will start between August 2013 and January 2014, and should be finished by the end of December 2014.

Creative Industries and eHumanities
As Humanities studies focus on many areas of the creative industries (art, culture, cultural heritage, media and journalism, entertainment, creative business services, etc), the two domains can help each other by joining forces. This initiative aims to contribute to valorisation of knowledge and research in Humanities and the Creative Industries by working together, posing new questions and sharing knowledge. Also, the digitization of culture, art and heritage have changed research in all Humanites radically. Therefore, the field of “Digital Humanities” (also known as “eHumanities”) has been created to focus on digital expressions of art and culture, digitized sources and digital research methods.

More information

  • For more information on these research projects, please visit or
  • Watch the presentations given during the CIRCA event on Embedded Research and Reinventing Creative Industries on March 1st 2013.