Creative Accelerator supports French innovation spirit

18 JULY 2014

In the framework of the project Cluster 2020 and the business support program Cre@tive Accelerator, the French Business Innovation Centre TVT Innovation has established a variety of activities aiming to boost the development of creative companies in the PACA region (South of France). Read on to read their best practices.

Author and copyrights: TVT Innovation
Photo: Loïc Lemay (Blacktwin)

Photo Loïc Lemay

This includes a six-month access to the following key support services:

  • mentoring support for the development of their project, including the implementation of a shared strategic diagnosis;
  • privileged access to professional equipment of TVT Innovation (meeting rooms, shared offices in TVT’s business incubator, FabLab, co-working space…);
  • expert advice on service design, funding, innovation in business model…;
  • practical workshops showing how to use new tools and applications needed to manage a company in the creative industries (crowdfunding platforms, service innovation, data labs…);
  • the coaching “Pitch Cre@tive Accelerator” in order to prepare a presentation for professionals and potential investors;
  • networking sessions with local and regional networks;
  • - access to European events and trade fairs with special financial support.

Discover the companies that are part of the Cre@tive Accelerator project by TVT:

You Art Lucky
Entrepreneurial spirit comes from the intrinsic motivation to do business”
Charles Laurencin, manager of You Art Lucky, is active in the field of e-commerce and the personalisation of mobile accessories. He has developed a platform providing services to create, edit, produce and distribute contents for mobile accessories (smartphones, tablet PCs, cases). Founded on the idea of “linking” the different worlds represented by creatives, brands, media, companies and distributors, the company You Art Lucky is committed to supporting creative synergy.

“No more boundaries for your dreams.”
The general manager of Sikanmar, Guillaume Jaubert, is currently developing his activities in the key areas of print and digital publishing, tourism and youth. For him, it is important to help young people become open-minded and passionate about the world and its mosaic of cultures – and at the same time, he wants to promote tourism in France and at an international level. This is why, in the scope of the project Sikanmar Mobility, Guillaume Jaubert now develops digital applications on the theme of travelling and knowledge of the world. Alongside B2B market places such as the Apple Store, Google Play or Amazon, he will soon publish on original distribution channels where travelers are to be found, notably in transports (plane, car, train, boat). A partnership with Thales, one of the world’s leaders for “in-flight entertainment” (IFE) is underway.

“The other way to see things”
The creative video agency Blacktwin offers its clients a unique form of communication, transmitting their messages via the medium of the video. The company’s co-manager Loïc Lemay and his team are using a variety of tools for their shootings and also their animation work: “The only limit is imagination.” Under this motto, the focus always stays on the client’s key message, the intention and the values of the company or entity. The entire team is united by its desire to stay creative, innovate and remove the boundaries and blocking points which exist when working in the domain of communication in a group or company.

Kubic 3D
“One picture is worth a thousand words.” (Confucius) So what do you think of 25 pictures per second?
Via his company Kubic 3D, Manuel Seilhes operates in the domain of animation pictures and virtual real-time 3D visits. This innovative company develops animations in a variety of fields such as architecture, pre-construction of buildings, urban planning, logos, educational tools or short films. Kubic3D is also specialised in the conversion of 3D files towards 3D video game engines in order to create software packages which enable virtual visits that are notably destined for architecture offices and real-estate promoters.

Damien Lockner
“You have dreams? We like to manage great projects.”
Damien Lockner unites a variety of disciplines in the domain of communication and multimedia concepts. As ergonomist and User Experience Designer, he manages the definition and realisation of web, mobile and print projects from the briefing to the final evaluation. Through an innovative process which aims at limiting production time and costs, Damien adapts a user-centred approach. Once the needs and objectives are clearly defined, a multidisciplinary team is composed for every project according to the required expertise (ergonomics, design, content, print, development). The exchange between different experts favours the development of creative solutions and efficiency.

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