Creative Industries require new forms of Cluster Management

6 AUGUST 2012

Creative Industries are completely different from traditional sectors and branches, which is a big challenge for creative cluster managers. This was one of the major findings of the creative camp at the European Cluster Conference 2012 in Vienna at the 18th of April. 60 international cluster experts discussed new tools and instruments to foster creative industries clusters.

European Cluster Conference 2012 in Vienna European Cluster Conference 2012 in Vienna

Creative Industries are dominated by small- or single person-companies. Their main feature is that products depend on the pure outcome of a creative process and not necessarily on the demands of the market. Secondly, making profit or expanding their businesses and companies don’t seem to matter. What’s important is a free spirited and creative work atmosphere. It follows that this very specific business approach is a big challenge for the management of a creative industries cluster. On the other hand, traditional tools of cluster management are focused on industries and sectors with traditional business models.

During the creative camp in Vienna experts discussed about new ways of supporting creative industries via clusters. Creative industries face the challenge of proving the value of their work and the sustainability of their business models, which is exactly what banks or venture capital providers are interested in. In this way cluster manager will be able to inform financial institutions about benefits and opportunities that are offered by creative industries, and as a result support smaller companies in promoting their values.

Several topics were discussed among an interesting international panel including Johanna Bolhoven (Cluster Development Manager, Creative England, UK), Jean Badaroux (Director of Lille Metropole, Image Cluster Imaginarium, France), Gertraud Leimüller (President of creative wirtschaft austria, Austria), David Furmage (Project Coordinator, Serious Games Institute, West Midlands, UK), Daniel Stürzebecher (MFG Innovation Agency for ICT and Media Baden-Württemberg, Germany) and Johan P Bång (Chief Executive Officer, Future Position X, Sweden).

The participants elaborated new ideas for innovative vouchers, new forms of public funding and stressed the relevance of flexible supporting tools for creative industries.

Creative Camps are a new innovative format for events. Differently from classical workshop or seminar new tools and instruments such as person-centered coaching are tested during the creative camps. Therefore not only the results of discussions and working groups are relevant, but also the methodologies of how to get those results is relevant.

Finally, the creative camp in Vienna offered some very good Inputs for the cooperation between the Cluster2020 and the European Creative Cluster Lab project. Both are parts of the Concrete Action 3 of the Creative Industries Alliance.

European Cluster Conference 2012 in Vienna European Cluster Conference 2012 in Vienna

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