Cross Innovation: Good Practices

29 OCTOBER 2013

The Cross Innovation project aims to connect different playfields in cultural and other industries. Innovation can be catalyzed by unique collaborations that cross borders on the level of sectors, organizations, technology and geographic boundaries. Cross Innovation aims to support policies and measures that make creative spillovers possible.

11 European metropolitan hotspots are participating in the project, to put these creative spillovers on the map in regional and local government agendas. In these cities, many beautiful projects have already been developed that form the Cross Innovation project’s showroom: the Good Practices.

The practices in the project are divided in four sub-themes:
- Spatial Cross-Collaboration: services offered to companies in co-working spaces, incubators, fab-labs, science parks and to local clusters.
- Culture-based Innovation: schemes that unleash innovation in business and the public sector by introducing artistic and creative practices.
- Brokerage: services that build bridges between sectors by connecting cross-innovation enablers with beneficiaries.
- Smart Incentives: innovative types of finance that enable cross-innovation.

A few examples of Good Practices within the Cross Innovation project are:

Fab Lab (Lisbon, Portugal)
A laboratory of digital manufacturing – Fab Lab – for rapid prototyping, custom manufacturing and testing industry. The strategic objective of this Fab Lab is to act as a link between the idea and industry, between creativity and production. The Fab Labs are digital fabrication laboratories, consisting of rapid prototyping machines at low cost and computer-controlled, allowing the creation of new products. Given the relatively low equipment costs and its easy use, Fab Labs allow democratic access to creativity, invention and innovation.

Green Graffiti (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
GreenGraffiti is a communication agency established by experienced advertising professionals that aims to help you develop, test and execute a successful outdoor campaign using natural media techniques such as reverse graffiti, sand printing, moss advertising, milk paint, chalk and many more.

Fashion Infection (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Mados Infekcija (Fashion Infection) is an innovative and conceptual event of fashion and art fusion featuring 3-day free and ticketed public events where professional and upcoming designers are brought together. The aim of the event is not to show and create trends or to be a fashion dictator, but to help people to develop an individual style and attitude towards fashion and to apply the knowledge in everyday life.

More Practices
Check out all of the Cross Innovation Good practices here. Want to know more about the Cross Innovation project? Visit the website or watch the video below: