ECCL launches Cluster Manager Coaching Group

20 JUNE 2014

In collaboration with Cluster 2020, ECCL launches an event that evolves around Cluster Management and coaches cluster managers through the greatest challenges that are to come. The event will take place on July 2nd in Stuttgart, Germany.

Coach by Kim Paulin - Found on Flickr (CC) the startup of ECCL project, Cluster Managers have taken part to several events: innovative and experimental pilot trainings, networking events, creative camps, study visits and staff exchanges all over Europe and also in developing Countries. Almost at the end of the project, all involved Cluster Managers and also others that want to share the aims of the initiative, are called to join a peer to peer event organized in collaboration with Cluster 2020, that will be held in Stuttgart on 2nd of July, titled “The future of Creative Cluster Management: the four challenges of tomorrow”.

Priorities and challenges
This kick-off meeting of the Cluster Manager Coaching group will be organized in the seat of the ECCL Lead Partner, MFG Baden-Württemberg, and will focus on interactive storytelling among peers, sharing best or worst practices, discussing problems and exchanging advices. The event will start with an overview of Cluster Manager’s priorities regarding four main challenges: new and specific services for the creative industries; infrastructure for Creative Industries; political Lobbying & Policy-setting; professionalization of cluster management.

After a presentation about peer learning methodology (co-teaching lessons, material development, talk walking, and storytelling about teaching practices), the main scope of the day will be the identification of objectives for the Cluster Managers peer learning group useful to face the priority challenges and to fill in the gaps in existing trainings for cluster managers, foster the development of trust among creative cluster managers, and devise new sector standard coaching methods.

Cluster Managers will be able to fix together the next meeting, its topics according to the team competencies and needs, and its modus operandi, also evaluating the possibility of using a informatics support for their peer to peer activities.The day after, on the 3rd of July, participants will have the chance to join the latest ECCL Pilot Training on Incubation and Entrepreneurship.

Learn more
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