ECCL meets future creative managers

28 MAY 2014

On the 20th of May 2014, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the ECCL Warsaw Team met students and graduates at the StartupArt Conference. The event was part of the Startup Art series organized in the framework of the European Creative Cluster Lab.

startupartYoung meets experienced
Students and graduates of Art Schools, who are thinking about starting their own business or have an idea for business in the creative sector, were invited to participate in a series of meetings and workshops called Startup Art. Participants had a variety of opportunities: workshops, networking, and conference – during which experienced investors with the creative sector background shared their experiences. Guests learned about Design Thinking, financial opportunities to support young creative businesses, the types of  companies operating online and the possibilities of getting an investor and how to  present their business to get him involved. Young creative people had the chance to confront themselves and to learn from entrepreneurs who have success in this field.

The conference touched specific topics throughout dynamic presentations on the establishment and functioning of startups, featured by Intelclinic,  Moiseum and Fun In Design. It was a great opportunity to understand what are the models of cooperation with investors, and when it can be successful. Several speakers stressed the need for verification of business ideas, and at the design stage, they recommended team work in, the key to success of young businesses.

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