ECCL recaps: Co-working event in Warsaw

10 DECEMBER 2013

On 28th of November 2013, a co-working debate was organised in Warsaw by European Creative Cluster Lab (ECCL) in cooperation with the Cross Innovation project and Warsaw co-working spaces. The ECCL staff summarizes the event below.

The debate was focused on a few issues: history and idea of co-working, profile of co-working users, models of cooperation and relation to clustering initiatives, role and plans of the local government in supporting co-working initiatives and international trends in co-working.

The newest and most interesting topic was the usage of co-working spaces by large companies to stimulate creative thinking process on their projects. All these topics were aimed at the questions how co-working can inlfluence the development of the creative sector and more specific, how Warsaw can benefit of coworking. The conclusion was that Coworking spaces can be an important factor in city developement. Coworking can especially help achieve the following three objectives:

  • Support for creative entrepreneurs who are looking for interesting places to work on bussines ideas,
  • The international promotion of the city and
  • Networking of SME’s.

Who debated with who?
The participants of the debate were the Vice Mayor City of Warsaw – Micha? Olszewski, co-working owners Joanna Kasprzycka-Rosiko? (Creative Hub), Katarzyna K?dzierska (COPOINT i COPOINT2), psychologist Agnieszka Szuryga and entrepreneur Micha? Pietrzak. Discussion was led by Monika Szewczyk. The audience was composed of representatives, users and people interested in the topic.

Participants underlined the value of co-working spaces, for both its‘ personal aspect and general influence on creative sector development and promotion of the city. The issues on profiling of co-working spaces is the possibility to choose the best form of renting space for each entrepreneur, the aspect of stimulating conditions to develop cluster initiatives or building project teams among users of co-working spaces was also discussed. Another issue was also the possible cooperation between coworking spaces and City of Warsaw: participants agreed that role of the local Goverment should be supportive and promotional towards emerging initiatives.

Sharing good practices
The conclusion of the meeting was the topic related with international inspirations, based on Co-working Conference Europe which took place in mid November in Barcelona. Two of the co-working owners who attended the conference shared a handful of good examples, however bearing in mind the comment that good examples should be carefully translated into local conditions before being implemented.

Authors: ECCL project staff; Copyright Pictures: ECCL project staff
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