ECCL report: Global Study Visit Brazil

11 MARCH 2014

One of the European Creative Cluster Lab’s activities dedicated to internationalisation was successfully completed last February: the global study visit to Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. During seven days, ECCL staff met representatives of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, Sebrae (a non-profit institution of business support), the Rio de Janeiro Municipality, Rio Criativo (a creative incubator), GOMA (a private coworking space) and numerous researchers.

eccl_visit_brazil_2014The initiative included a number of different aims:

  • to create links with Brazil creative clusters,
  • to set the basis for cooperation between Brazilian creative companies and European companies within the creative sector,
  • to provide exchanges on a policy level with the Brazilian government on cluster funding and support in the emerging sector,
  • to study the setup of Brazilian clusters and identify strengths in entrepreneurship support that can be adapted and applied in a European cluster environment,
  • promoting start-ups from the local government position, diversity and availability of culture gained through creative industries.

Creative Industries as  a trigger
In the latest years, Brazil has been making efforts at the national level for the promotion of Creative Industries. Its Ministry of Culture realized a significant report on policies, guidelines and actions for Creative Economy development around three main goals: building databases to enable the monitoring of the creative sector; creating a friendly environment for sector development;  education of creative personnel. The document shows connections that creative industries can trigger, and plans actions to strengthen the creative sector. All this in consideration that the contribution of the creative sector to Brazilian GDP is 2.84%, with an annual growth rate of 6.13% for the last 5 years.

Strengthening cluster networks
Therefore the ECCL project started these activities to extend its recent catalogue of European Clusters in Creative Industries with Brazilian partners, in order to build up a basis for successful cluster cooperation.  Next steps in this internationalisation approach with Brazil will be the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding and the identification and strengthening  of the opportunities for existing cluster networks.

More information
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