ECCL reports on Pilot Training in Lille

13 MAY 2014

The ECCL team held the second pilot training dealing with the development of a creative cluster internationalization strategy in Lille, on 29th April 2014. This pilot training implemented several suggestions and a couple of best practices/success stories that the trainers collected during the first pilot training, held in Barcelona on 26th March of this year.

By Serena Mingolla

ECCL meeting Lille 29-4-14Seven steps
In the first part of the workshop, facts and figures regarding cluster internationalization processes and main barriers for international cooperation were presented. Then, an ECCL seven step internationalization model was explained. In particular, the trainers suggested a seven step internationalization process consisting of:

  1. Pinpoint the target group
  2. Analyze the cluster challenges
  3. Search for information about the foreign market
  4. Choose the best tools, instruments and funding schemes
  5. Identify the potential partners
  6. Going international: duration and plan of action
  7. Learning: auto-evaluation of the experience

In the second part of the workshop the trainers introduced some easy tools that could help creative cluster managers to properly face the cluster internationalization processes and an interactive session followed. Being the audience composed of seasoned cluster management, the first part of the training helped them through the presentation of a model that could be a useful benchmark for their ongoing procedures. The second part involved mostly the participants thanks to some practical cases of particular interest that generated a lively exchange of experiences among the audience.

The experience strengthens the idea that if the ECCL trainings developed so far can be extremely useful for cluster managers lacking of experience, specific problems can be tackled more efficiently and quickly through a creative cluster manager peer-learning group, such as the one that ECCL and Cluster2020 are willing to launch in Stuttgart on 2nd July 2014.

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