ECIA in a nutshell

25 OCTOBER 2012

The European Creative Industries Alliance: What? Why? How? Who?

ECIA FlyerThe European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) was founded in February 2012 during the Innovation Festival in Milan, Italy.

This new policy initiative is an open platform that combines policy learning with 8 concrete actions on innovation vouchers, better access to finance and cluster excellence & cooperation in order to develop and test better policies and tools for the creative industries.

The initiative was set up by the European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General with the objective to shape a community in Europe that actively supports creative industries as a driver for competitiveness, job creation and structural change. It aims to mobilise additional funding of at least €100 million for the creative industries.

Download the Flyer: The European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) (pdf) and learn all about the ECIA and help us spread the word!