Euronews item on Wallonia, European Creative District 2015

27 JANUARY 2015

In an episode of Business Planet, a weekly rubric by Euronews, the Wallonia European Creative District was the central location to display innovative businesses.

still euronews walloniaIn 2015, Wallonia (Belgium) and Toscany (Italy) carry the title of European Creative District. This is entitled to regions where traditional industry has been able to develop an ecosystem that enables innovative entrepreneurs to create their business, let it grow and even find possibilities for internationalisation.

During the Business Planet episode, a duo of entrepreneurs form the example of this development that is typical for the region of Wallonia. Thibaut is an interior designer, and his companion Hélène graphic artist. Their product: Do Eat, edible containers for small bites like, for example, finger foods at parties. Learn more about their business in the video below.

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Please note that the spoken language is French.

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