European Creative District celebrates first anniversary

10 JUNE 2014

The Wallonia European Creative District (WECD) is based on a strong political initiative launched in 2010, Creative Wallonia, aiming at galvanizing the economy through technological innovation and non technological creativity. WECD celebrates its first anniversary and shares their latest news in June 2014. Read snippets from the news update below, or download the whole story at the bottom.

24.04.2013 Wallonia, European Creative DistrictAn inclusive strategy
The WECD’s objectives are addressed through specific pilot initiatives that are implemented and tested or scaled up at an international level such as creative vouchers, coworking spaces, creative trainings and innovative financing schemes. Policy learning initiatives are being implemented in order to present the Walloon strategy, to improve it, to take stock of the pilot initiatives results and to disseminate good practices.

News and first results
The WECD has mobilized regional and international expertise that has allowed to fine-tune the strategy of the project and the rationale of each action.

  • Two studies planned by the WECD have been realized. Those studies focus, for the first, on the place and role of the CCIs in the Walloon industrial value chains and, for the second, on the Creative Wallonia program results after three years of implementation and the good practices that could be disseminated at an international scale. The preliminary results of the two studies will feed the strategy’s evolution of the project and empower it through time.
  • The project integrates a High level Group composed of national and international experts. Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, ECIA’s chair person is part of this group.The High Level Group meetings confront the Walloon strategy with external views and experiences from other regions/countries.  Debates and exchange of ideas inside the consortium with the support of the High Level Group have built a strong common and dynamic vision for the WECD project. This approach leads to an integration of each separate action into a coherent outlook.

The WECD exchanges with other regions in order to fulfill several objectives: fine-tuning of the project strategy, benchmark of the project and of the region initiatives in the field of creative economy and dissemination about the evolution of the WECD and its preliminary results. Several European regions have been contacted to start collaborations in the scope of the different actions such as “International scale up of Boost Up / Creative Industries”, the “New education Master program aimed at inoculating creative thinking and behavior”, “Co-working spaces as a tool to connect CCI and the traditional industry” and actions promoting private financing of CCIs.

Dissemination is organized among international and national stakeholders involved in innovation and economic policies in order to demonstrate the ambition and the added value of the Walloon approach. A communication strategy has been implemented notably through social medias; several communication tools have been developed and are now used. Furthermore,

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