Europeana Creative challenge: apply now!

19 MARCH 2014

The Europeana Creative project calls for application creatives! Apply before March 31st, 2014 and compete with other projects within the theme of Natural History and History Education. Read on to find out more.

Europeana_challengeThe Europeana Creative project is looking for creative developers and entrepreneurs to use the Europeana collections to create applications for a range of themes – Natural History Education, History Education, Tourism, Design and Social Media. Europeana Creative is running Challenges on each topic, and the first two (Natural History and History Education) are open now! The prize is a hands-on Incubation Support Package provided by the project consortium to bring his/her product successfully to the market.

About Europeana
Europeana is a database of some 30 million cultural and historical documents, images, sound and video files from Europe’s museums, libraries, galleries and archives. The Europeana API allows you to access to most of the collections and incorporate them into things like apps, games, websites, even creating mash-ups using other sources or APIs. The project was launched at the end of February 2013 at the Austrian National Library in Vienna and will run for 30 months. 26 partners from 14 European countries with diverse backgrounds are contributing to the project. The project sets out to demonstrate that Europeana can facilitate the creative re-use of digital cultural heritage content and associated metadata.

Some pilot apps have been created to demonstrate the kinds of things you could do with Europeana content and a bit of imagination. For more info, watch the video below:

Europeana Creative History Education Challenge – create an app or game using Europeana’s collections

Please visit the Europeana Creative website or Facebook Page to find out more about this call for entries. Please note that the deadline is on March 31st, 2014! Apply via