FAD-INS presents: Results and Evaluation


The FAD-INS voucher project has ended their pilot; and on October 4th 2013 they presented the results that have been achieved so far. Also, they presented their final publication where everything on the past two years is described and evaluated. The document can be downloaded below this article.

Since August 2012, the FAD-INS voucher project has helped 27 businesses by offering funding and other support, using no more than 3/4 of the FAD-INS budget. All businesses were active in Catalonia, Spain, and actors in the sectors of Fashion Design, Industrial Design, and Audiovisual. These objectives were constantly applied:

  • Implementing an innovation voucher scheme targeting Fashion/Industrial Design and Audiovisual sectors
  • Enabling networking and matchmaking
  • Reducing administrative requirements
  • Delivering ‘on demand’ support for innovation
  • Delivering more and better innovation support activities
  • Ensuring the long term sustainability of innovation voucher

Overall, the funding was considered easily accessible, without the usual bureaucratic bunch of obligations that normally come with funding options. Also, most of the supported actions catalyzed new collaboration initiatives. The funding amount was considered to be appropriate for the needs of the projects, and specifically applied to the needs of the organizations. Also, the events that were initiated by FAD-INS stimulated knowledge sharing and collaboration between organizations. Also, the workshops and seminars were highly appreciated and had more impact than the business owners had expected.

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For the whole story, please download the FAD-INS publication (pdf)
More information on FAD-INS is to be found here.