FAME @ Creative Business Cup Global Award Show


13 companies from 8 different European countries participated in the dedicated FAME sessions during the Creative Business Cup Award - the international event part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

A beautiful autumn week welcomed over 40 participants in Copenhagen for the FAME (Facilitating Access and Mobilisation of European finance for growth of creative industries) and Creative Business Cup events. The Award show is a worldwide initiative to support entrepreneurship and is organized with the Kaufmann Foundation and CKO – FAME project partner.FAME and Creative Business Cup awards for the Creative Industries

On Monday 12 November – at the wonderful Copenhagen City Hall -, participating companies were given the chance to pitch in front of international and qualified investors (just to name a few Luigi Amati from Zernike Metaventure – Italy; Kim Ove Olsen and Allan Rasmussen for CAT Science – Denmark; Lorenzo De Fabio from Filas – Italy; Peter Forchhammer and Aldo Petersen – business angels- Denmark), and to receive first comments and feedbacks from experts.

The following day, FAME organized a European Creative Start-up Training session at the Dansehallerne, an exclusive and creative performing art center. Here it offered inspiring coaching sessions which focused on Person-Centered Innovation, Business Model Generation, Financing Instrument and Team. Companies were then given the opportunity to receive personalized coaching, focused on business and financing models (Klaus Haasis from bwcon Germany and Jasper Bouwsma from Vujadè ltd Switzerland were 2 of the 5 coaches).

Innovative Business Ideas
The FAME companies involved presented a wide range of creative business ideas, such as: a 3D synchronous multiplayer football game; online shopping with charity; a web app to organize and share digital contents; modular robotic systems for the luxury market; online singing coaching; an innovative cooking show; kids storytelling; mystery makers; and lyrics and songbooks sharing.

A Royal Visit
The Creative Business Cup event also offered networking opportunities for all participants, including the special presence of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark at the closing ceremony.


- “If you are dealing with innovation you will always have to face resistance. Learning how to manage resistance will help entrepreneurs being more ‘innovation ready’!” (Klaus Haasis, bwcon)

- “Creative industries has a great economical potential and we all agree on this. If you want to be more successful within the creative industry, you have to understand the nature and specifics of the creative industry and adjust the financial system, and instruments ?– not the other way around!” (Kim Ove Olsen, CAT Science)

- “A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. To have a common understanding of your business model and its different building blocks is essential for entrepreneurial teams and the success of their startup.” (Jasper Bouwsma, Vujàdé Ltd)

- “When you ask any investors what the key elements for succeeding are, everybody will tell you that team is the most important, the market will come at the 4th place and the product will only be at the last place in the list.” (Luigi Amati Metagroup/Zernike)

- “In order to better support creative industries, public agencies should reinvent their investment strategy towards an approach that is more close to the public one!” (Michela Michilli, FILAS)


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Creative Business Cup is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.