Farewell to Europe INNOVA

28 JANUARY 2013

With the end of 2012, the end also came for Europe INNOVA, a project initiated by the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry).

For six years, Europe INNOVA supported innovation throughout the continent by helping innovative enterprises ‘to innovate faster and better’. The project itself has now ended, but its activities and goal have been taken over by new initiatives such as the European Creative Industries Alliance.

On its website, the team behind Europe INNOVA stated:
“With the end of 2012, the Europe INNOVA initiative is coming to an end after a six-year journey that started with sharing of ‘best practice’, moved on to the development and testing of ‘better practice’ and which is now ending with inspiring ‘next practice’.

Many of the lessons learned from Europe INNOVA are now reflected in new initiatives, like the European Creative Industries Alliance, the European Mobile and Mobility Alliance and the European Creative Districts. These initiatives combine in a “best of” manner policy learning with concrete actions where innovative solutions are developed and tested under real-life conditions as part of a broader strategy to transform or modernise regions or industrial sectors by capitalising on the transformative power of all forms of knowledge, innovation and creativity.”

New: Cluster and SME Support Unit
In the future, the team behind Europe INNOVA will focus on helping entrepreneurs and SMEs to prosper by providing them with a favourable eco-system in which to innovate and grow.

Watch the video below for a short introduction to the work of this Cluster and SME Support Unit:

More Information
The website of Europe INNOVA is currently still online, and can be viewed for more information on the project.