“Fashion: where manufacturing meets creativity”

26 MARCH 2013

The fashion industry takes a considerable place in our economy. Not only do numerous companies in the industry exist, it creates lots of employment possibilities too. The European Commission published an article in 'Enterprise & Industry magazine' about the importance of the fashion sector for the European economic development.

Eco Fashio nWeek AW2012 by Jason Hargrove - found on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/salty_soul/6921098906/ (CC)The fashion industry is a sector that connects with many other different economic areas. Fashion is really a part of the creative sector, and craftmanship and creativity is a big factor in the designing process. Also, innovation is often integrated in design as well as manufacturing fashion. On the other hand, SMEs and bigger labels deal with business strategies and marketing as much as any other business.

A returning challenge of this technological age is to avoid infringement on Intellectual Property Rights. These days, we are flooded with digital information, also on fashion and design. The chances on infringement are enormous, especially for SMEs who are not up to the sufficient knowledge to protect their products, so says the article.

The known contemporary economic situation is another challenge we face, and the European Commission sees that the fashion industry is an important component of economic growth, which means that fashion should get the help it needs. They are planning different initiatives to be at help and stimulate creativity.

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Fashion: where manufacturing meets creativity