Final Policy Recommendations from MED-KED

16 JULY 2013

In May 2013, the MED-KED (Mediterranean Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship Development) initiative, a European project co-financed by the MED programme, came to an end. This project aimed at designing a common framework for regional knowledge-based entrepreneurs to foster innovative, creative and knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

MED-KED logoThe MED-KED consortium was composed by high level organizations supporting Knowledge based entrepreneurs from 5 Mediterranean regions – Catalonia (Spain), Emilia Romagna (Italy), Lombardy (Italy), Ljubljana region (Slovenia) and Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (France).

Results of the MED-KED initiative: Policy Recommendations
Based on regional analysis, the consortium has identified common issues, challenges and priorities, and designed a list of priority actions and ‘Policy Recommendations’ together with a Good practices booklet, which describes almost 30 good practices supporting entrepreneurs in various areas of interest.

The project results are now available online:

Continue to stay involved with MED-KED
The team of policy makers behind MED-KED have named the initiative ‘a very fruitful experience’, and will thus keep working on these themes. Moreover, they will continue to plan new initiatives and share the most interesting policies and practices. To stay up-to-date, please join the MED-KED community on LinkedIn.