Final results FAD-INS innovation voucher schemes

11 DECEMBER 2013

After two successful calls, on the 11th of October 2013 took place the final event of the FAD-INS innovation voucher project at the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. This report and enclosed press releases are brought to you by the Chamber as well.

During the event, the Chamber presented the results of this initiative, that has financed 27 projects of small and medium enterprises related to the Fashion, Audiovisual and Industrial Design sectors with a value up to 100.000€. On the results presentation was highlighted the opportunity of this pilot test project to deliver “on demand” support for innovation to ensure the competitiveness of SMEs in the market.

Benefits for SMEs
According to a SMEs beneficiary, “thanks to the FAD-INS initiative we have been able to put the first stone for our project and to provide our firm with a specific road map and action plan”. On the other hand, other SMEs said “thanks to FAD-INS projects we had access to professional consultancy services, to which, otherwise, we would not have had access”. In sum, “innovation vouchers are a perfect hook to attract and introduce small and medium enterprises to innovation and design issues”.

Results of FAD-INS
All the results and figures were shared with the creative industries professionals to “demonstrate the viability of innovation vouchers as key elements in innovation financing”. Moreover, this pilot test project serves as a stepping stone for the development of a “long term voucher-based financing line”. All the results are provided below and on the website

Creative Round Table
The session continued with a round table on the future of creative industries, with the participation of Havas Media, Designit and Oxymonia. It was a space of debate where the sector landscape towards the actual economic context and future perspectives were analyzed.

At the end of the event, some SMEs and services providers presented successful stories of financed projects such as the design of the new shop model of the retailer Casa Atmeller. It was also very interesting the thoughts of Nomon Design, a service provider of two SMEs beneficiaries, which commented that “FAD-INS innovation vouchers facilitate SMEs access to professional consultancy services to review their branding and communication strategy. These vouchers are the first stone to provide a roadmap”.

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