Five Easy Steps to Communicate ECIA and Yourself Online


Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, chairman of the ECIA Policy Learning Platform, explains in five easy steps how to effectively promote ECIA online. Help us to create more likes, shares and friends and to disseminate our knowledge on better policies and business support for creative industries in Europe!

1. Facebook:
Share ECIA on Facebook and encourage your Friends to Like and Share ECIA. Go to
Also, when you have upcoming events or new, interesting reports, post them on ECIA’s Facebook-page.

2. Twitter:
On Twitter, follow @followECIA and follow each other, eg. @raratsch, @cbc_cup, @digitalyoyo, @how_to_grow etc. Retweet ECIA tweets and ask ECIA and fellow members to retweet your tweets.

For both Facebook and Twitter:

  • Make updates on Facebook and Twitter during events, conferences and other activities related to ECIA issues or actual ECIA events.
  • Take photos of and tag your fellow members when they are on stage.
  • Share each other’s updates.

3. Links on websites: link to ECIA from your website:

4. ECIA site and newsletter:
Please send Tjarda de Haan (tjarda(at) news and updates and she will either include in the next newsletter or update the website:

  • News and events from your concrete action on the creative industries.
  • Relevant news (calls, trends, papers and developments) and events on the creative industries.
  • Interviews with a creative entrepreneur, expert or policy-maker.
  • Updates, Q&As – any format is welcome.

5. Events:
Share your own events related to creative industries in your area on the social platforms mentioned above and by sending the information to ECIA members.

Personal or private? It is of course entirely up to you if you wish to use personal or professional accounts/profiles or both. In my case, I use both my personal account (e.g. with some 1.897 close, intimate and dear friends) and the professional account (e.g. with 1.299 Likes).

Join us on Social Media

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  • Follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and see where it leads you. Share your favourite ECIA news and links with us.
  • Take a look at our Flickr photostream and get some inspiration.
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Author: Rasmus Wiinstedt