Future meetings of the ECCL Creative Cluster Coaching Group


ECCL launched its Creative Manager Coaching Group in July during a kick-off event held in Stuttgart participated by cluster managers of different clusters from all over Europe. The upcoming sessions focus on 'Internationalization', 'Strategy' and “To be decided”.

Peer Review by AJ Cann - Found on Flickr (CC) https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajc1/6735929719In the following months are scheduled a series of labs which will explore new tools for online group learning offering three peer-2-peer meetings for cluster managers. The first two (Internationalization on September 22nd and Strategy on October 8th or 10th 2014) will be online meetings where one participant will present a case with questions and challenges. The other group members will share knowledge, experiences and feelings. In addition there will be observers who reflect on the process and the learnings of the meetings.

Sharing is learning
Exchanging feedback with someone who has been through similar experiences and shares similar responsibilities is ideal for adult learners. Learning with colleagues in group settings is one of the most effective ways to understand, implement and sustain new approaches to real on-the-job challenges.

The meetings will be facilitated by Online Coach and Multimedia Counsellor Klaus Haasis. Klaus Haasis is recognized as one of Europe´s most experienced designers and managers of innovation systems, collaboration processes, networks and cluster initiatives.

The third (LIVE) meeting will be held in Bari (Italy) during the event Medimex – Music Innovation Expo – promoted by Puglia Sounds on the 31st of October 2014. For more information on the Medimex event, please check the event page.

More information
To learn more on these labs, please contact Simone Rosini (MFG Baden-Württemberg) via rosini(at)mfg.de.