Goodbye Dr. Büscher and welcome Dr. Malacarne

3 JUNE 2013

Big news! Dr. Büscher has changed jobs. As of the first of June 2013 he is the new Head of Unit "Chemical Industry", DG Enterprise at the European Commission. His successor is Dr. Malacarne, former Head of Unit for "Security Research and Development" at Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry. We wish both good luck in their new jobs. Read their biographies.

Reinhard Büscher, Head of the Industrial Innovation Support unit at the European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General – photography by Vesna Zuuring Dr. Reinhard Büscher was born in 1952 in Lower Saxony in Germany; he holds bachelor degree and Ph.D. in Economics. Before joining the EC in 1989, he worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Germany for nine years. In the European Commission, he has been working in different areas, such as a Member of the Cabinet of Bangemann, a special Adviser for Industrial Aspects of the Information Society, Head of Unit for Standardization, for Industrial Aspects of Electronic Commerce, for E-Business, ICT industries and services, for Innovation Policy Development and since January 2008, Head of Unit for Support for Industrial Innovation. Dr Büscher is married since 1972 and has one daughter. He is a passionate mountaineer and grandfather.

Dr. Marco Malacarne was the Head of Unit for “Security Research and Development” within the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. As of April 2011, he is also Acting Director for “Space, Security and GMES” (on a temporary basis). From 2004 to 2007, he was responsible for Space R&D (including research on GMES: Global Monitoring for Environment and Security). Marco Malacarne holds a D.Phil from Oxford University. He s tarted working for the European Commission in 1 984 as a p hysicist in the UK, and then m oved to Brussels, DG Research, in 1989, where he was involved in the setting up and further development of the European Programme for Research Infrastructures.

Marco Malacarne by Security & Defence Agenda - Found on Flickr CC:

Read an interview with Mr. Marco Malacarne, in his time as the Head of Unit for Space research and applications at European Commission