Grandma’s Design calls for innovative food designers

26 NOVEMBER 2012

The European project ‘Grandma’s Design: revisiting Europe’s Baking Heritage’ kicked off on November 20th in Brussels. Designers, chefs and everyone with a passion for food culture are challenged to take part in the project’s competition.

Grandma's Design calls for innovative food designersGrandma’s Design: Revisiting Europe’s Baking Heritage brings together grandmas and designers in the increasingly popular discipline of Food Design. The project aims not only to preserve the baking traditions across Europe, but also to revitalise them. The soul of the grandmother’s recipe and story will be passed on and renewed through a contemporary design product.

Call for Designers
75 grandmothers from Belgium, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey have been filmed and interviewed while preparing a baking recipe that is of particular interest because of its heritage, “couleur locale”, tradition or specific story. As from November 20th, all videos will be visible on and this is the moment designers will play their part. All they need to do is choose their favourite recipe, grandma or (baking) story and get inspired to create a new (food) concept or product.

The competition is open to all professional designers and they can choose from five food design categories. A professional jury will evaluate all applications and decide on the winners and honourable mentions in each category.

More information and competition regulations can be found from November 20th at the website of Grandma’s Design.

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Source: Grandma’s Design