Greater Lyon presents: Creative Times

15 JULY 2013

Greater Lyon (the Lyon-based institution to support the creative industries in the local urban area) is the founder of networking event 'Creative Times'. Creative Times aims to unite and inspire the local creative community.

Greater Lyon LogoCreative Times is one of the main regional network events in France. It is also the opportunity to highlight the diversity of the creative industry in the urban Lyon area and to present those professionals who shape the image and economy of Lyon.

Goals and Objectives
The Creative Times events boast several objectives:
- To promote local talents;
- To encourage the development of innovative projects;
- To encourage meetings and collaborations between actors in different creative sectors.

The main goal of the Creative Times initiative is to promote the integration and collaboration of creative talents and designers in companies and communities. Creative Times aims to bring out skilled people from the region and foster the emergence of innovative projects. However, it also produces meetings and inspires collaborations between actors in different creative sectors.

Greater Lyon’s objective is to organize four to five Creative Times events per year. The events will bring together regional professionals from a wide range of creative industry sectors, such as:

- Cinema;
- Broadcasting technologies;
- Game industry;
- Music;
- Design;
- Fashion;
- Performing Arts;
- Architecture;
- Gastronomy;
- Online media.

Creative Times: Uniquely Embedded in wider Greater Lyon events
In order to realise the widest outreach between creative professionals in the Lyon area, each Creative Times event is rooted in a wider creative industries’ event of Greater Lyon. Therefore the first three editions of Creative Times took place during a great variety of events:

- In January 2013 during ‘Sirha’, the world food & hospitality fair.
- In March 2013 during ‘Lyon City Design’ in the famous Comédie Odéon venue;
- In May 2013 during ‘European Lab’, a platform dedicated to cultural innovators in Europe and worldwide.

The fourth edition of Creative Times will take place in October and will be organised during the ‘Lyon Festival Lumières’, a public festival celebrating a wide variety of film genres.

More information
More information on upcoming Creative Times events (scheduled for October and December 2013) will be published on the ECIA events page.
For more information on Greater Lyon, please visit the website.
For any questions relating to the Creative Times events, please email contact(at)