Impressions from Copenhagen

19 DECEMBER 2012

The European Creative Industries Alliance Policy Learning Platform held a two-day meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 29th and 30th November 2012. The main topics on the agenda: Cluster Excellence and Cross-sectorial innovation. And a dash of the new Nordic kitchen...

The event consisted of a Policy Learning Platform meeting and an invitation-only seminar on Creative Industries Policy-Making in the Nordic Region and the Oresund Region including the:

  • Presentation of the Nordic Policy Analysis on Creative Industries, covering policy-making in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Denmark and the study Kreative Norden (The Creative Nordic Region)
  • Connecting the Nordic efforts in the field of cultural and creative industries with the European efforts
  • Connecting ECIA with the KreaNord initiatives of the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Presentation of spillover / cross-sectorial innovation policy by Hassan Bakshi from Nesta and presentations of cross innovation methodology by CKO

During the Policy Learning Platform meeting the draft report on cluster excellence by the Berlin Senate was the main topic for the lively discussion that followed. The report starts with a description of the background of cluster excellence, the current state of affairs and how it came to be. Study takes a broad view on innovation. The report looks at the key success factors for cluster excellence and looks into the question: how can you measure cluster performance, what policies help establishing clusters and more particularly are there special requirements for creative clusters?
The questions and comments of the PLP-members will be taken into account over the following months.
As soon as the report is available, it will be published on this site.

Furthermore, the PLP discussed the framework behind cross-overs. Wondering if and what type of policies can help innovation to flourish. Dr. Büscher from DG Enterprise stated that he is no longer interested in the classic way of looking at the creative industries as a flock of sub-sectors. “It doesn’t matter. Look at the creative industries as an emerging industry. Creativity is the main driver. We are interested in the policy behind the industry.” His remarks were discussed more thoroughly during the presentation of Hassan Bakshi the next day and the case studies presented by various regions. By the end of the day it became clear that the discussion is well on its way, but more research should be done.

Live footage of Hassan Bakshi’s presentation can be found here:

Innovation through Creative Collaborations from ECIAonline

Restyle ECIA website
ECIAP launced the new website of ECIA ( and the Intranet, a cooperative working place for the ECIA members. The new interactive webportal houses the concrete actions of ECIA (see main menu at the top of this page) and will offer news, events and publications about and by the Creative Industries in Europe.

Open source painting from creative Copenhagen
Open source painting join the copyleft by JoFo2010
A beautiful open source painting from Copenhagen we’ve found on Flickr and wanted to share with you. Creditials: Open source painting join the copyleft by JoFo2010 (found on Flickr, CC).