Inspire Policy Makers: Sign the Cross Innovation Manifesto

26 AUGUST 2013

The project Cross Innovation promotes collaborative and user-driven innovation that happens across sectorial, organisational, technological and geographic boundaries. It has now published a manifesto for the Creative Industries, in order to inspire and encourage policy makers all over Europe.

Cross Innovation ManifestoThe Cross Innovation Manifesto
Policy is not about dictating what is best for us; it should help us find our way to better modes of being, encouraging discovery, freedom and happiness. Policy makers have to face the changing economic and cultural demands of society, with innovation critical to success. Here we present five principles that we hope will provide inspiration to those seeking to encourage new thinking.

Let’s inspire the policy makers!

The Cross Innovation Manifesto calls for:
1. Things shift, and when they do, it is not in the way planned.
2. Innovation is not simply grown in a greenhouse, it evolves in an ecosystem.
3. Being specialized is good, but learning to be special is even better.
4. New frontiers need pioneers. Innovation leaders are pioneers.
5. Innovation is a strategic, future-driven activity.

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Read more about the Manifesto in the blog or on the Cross Innovation website.

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More Information: Cross Innovation
The focus of the project Cross Innovation rests on policies and support measures that enable cross innovation and creative spillovers between creative sectors and other industries. The partnership consists of 11 metropolitan hotspots that have the potential to put cross innovation on the top of local and regional policy agendas across Europe: Birmingham, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Tallinn, Warsaw, Vilnius, Stockholm, Linz, Lisbon and Pilsen.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme.

Visit the Cross Innovation website.