Interview (case-study) on the cross-sectoral cooperation between ANDATA & Spry Flash


ANDATA has developed a new and innovative approach for an “intelligent” traffic control with a massive use of artificial intelligence technologies. ANDATA’s approach to solving traffic control offers a process with underlying software tools and methods for active requirements management for “intelligent” traffic solutions. However, up until now there have been some deficits in communicating and presenting this technology to people outside of the project, due to its complexity. Within the VINCI project new ways of an easily understandable presentation of the project were developed, so that this complex technology is now accessible also to non-experts and potential customers.

Spry Flash, the creative service provider, developed a technique to implement this “intelligent” traffic control system via Touch-Screen, which among other things can be used on I-pads for a quick and easy way to demonstrate how this technology works.

What were the challenges? How was the cooperation?
One challenge was the briefing of the task for the creative service provider Spry Flash. It was not so easy to present this comprehensive, highly abstract and mathematically complex traffic control solution in an understandable way, without trivializing the extremely complex project.

„Another problem we faced lies in the fact we are an engineering office. We can explain our ideas to another engineer, but it’s hard to explain it to somebody who has no connection to our technical work. So we said to ourselves – ok, we need someone from outside to help us. These are things for which we just wanted to have someone professional for solving them” , says Mr.Kuhn, Managing Director of ANDATA.

For the cooperation initiated in this project, it was very important for ANDATA that the creative service provider already had some basic knowledge in technologies similar to the one approached here, in order to not spend too much time in explaining the very basics of the project.

According to Mr. Kuhn from ANDATA, it is not always easy to let someone from outside of the project to give suggestions or possible solutions for the public presentation of their own project. “I guess each creator of a project thinks he/she knows best how to present his/her project.” It was a learning process for ANDATA to take a step back and also let someone from outside make decisions. And in the end it definitely paid off.
When asking about how their cooperation worked out, both the applying SME Mr.Kuhn and the creative service provider Mr.Campitelli from Spry Flash answered: “It was marvelous”.

The future of the project?
ANDATA is planning to continue presenting their project at different exhibitions and meetings with possibly interested customers.

Both ANDATA and Spry Flash are planning to continue working together in the future on similar projects. For them it was the first time they worked together. ANDATA found Spry Flash as their creative service provider by chance via LinkedIn.

Feedback about the VINCI support
For ANDATA, the applying SME from a technical sector, the application for the VINCI Creative Voucher was uncomplicated, especially when comparing it to other voucher applications. Also the quick response from aws as voucher managing authority gave a positive motivation to ANDATA.

Spry Flash, the creative service provider, also mentioned that a Creative Voucher like the VINCI Voucher played an even more important role for the creative service providers than for the actually benefiting SMEs, because:
„Our competence is to enable the inter-connection of incomprehensible technology with something that people want to and can see. We are – so to say – the translators. Therefore such initiatives are important for us, so that SMEs from other sectors are “pushed” to try to cooperate with a creative company. Actually for us creatives, the VINCI voucher was even more important than for the SME, because many enterprises are reluctant when it comes to working together with creatives.” Mr.Campitelli, Spry Flash

Moreover, both Mr.Kuhn from ANDATA and Mr. Campitelli from Spry Flash said that they benefited from the freedom the applying SME has in choosing the creative service provider, because one of the key factors for a successful cooperation is that they both really get along together well.

“With lawyers, patent attorneys and creative service providers – with them the chemistry has to be the right one! Therefore it is better if it is possible to choose the creative service provider you want than if the provider is being selected for you.”

For more information, please visit the websites of the applying SME (ANDATA: and that of the creative service supplier (Spry Flash:

Author: Christina Koch.
Pictures have been taken at the ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems). Copyright by ANDATA GmbH, ANDATA GmbH approves pictures to be issued by ECIA.