Kulturting 2013: combining creativity and economic development

16 APRIL 2013

Last March, ECIA coordinator Johanna van Antwerpen gave a presentation about the developments on creativity and economics in and around Amsterdam at the Kulturting 2013 conference in Jönköping, Sweden. Read a short report by Tobias Nielsén on the conference below.

The theme this year was how culture and creativity can contribute to economic growth, employment, innovation and developing attractive cities. Johanna van Antwerpen introduced a European perspective and told the audience about the Amsterdam Innovation Motor and the European Creative Industries Alliance. The moderator Tobias Nielsén followed up and gave a background of national initiatives such as the Government’s Action Plan for the cultural and creative industries.

Watch the lectures of Tobias Nielsén and Johanna van Antwerpen (at 36:30) here:

The 200 attendees were a mix of politicians, civil servants, journalists, administrators, project leaders and directors of institutions. The Cultural Parliament is the main arena for debate and new knowledge before the yearly process of work with the strategic plan starts. The Jönköping region is a part of Småland based in the south of Sweden, famous for its tradition of entrepreneurship and design.

Background information
Two articles on the subject are available to be downloaded below. The first document contains an mapping study on the Creative and Cultural Industries in Europe, and the second is a publication on Swedish initiatives and the ERIBA model.