Last ECCL Creative Camp in Warsaw


Getting closer to the end of the project runtime, ECCL is organizing its last Creative Camp on 2 October 2014 which will take place in Warsaw. The Camp will consists of two main events: the Cluster Forum and the Design Thinking Workshop.

Desert Camping by Howard Ignatius - Found on Flickr (CC) building
“Creative Camp vol. 2” aims to build not only cross-sectorial connections but also a real community. From a 3-year perspective of team building practices, workshops, study visits and conferences, the need for such network seems to be relevant. The time of homogenous working groups has passed, teams combining competences carry great potential but without professional and passionate management, they will not develop into successful actions.

The first main CC event, the Cluster Forum, which will take place from 30th September to 20th October at Centre of Entrepreneurship – Warsaw will represent a meeting place for clusters to talk about their potential and point out their common goals. Clusters will also have the chance to meet representatives of Government and other institutions responsible for implementing clusters policy.

Design Thinking 2 October
Finally, the Design Thinking workshop, planned for 2nd October, will involve incubators, coworking spaces’ owners, clusters, and the local government. These parties will work together to improve  the communication between each other. Invited participants are natural actors in development chain of entrepreneurship, therefore communication between them is crucial to support not only creative industries but every entrepreneur.

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