Lombardy Creative Camp: Call for ideas

16 APRIL 2013

Are you a creative or a creative company? Reply to this call and take part to the selection for the Lombardy Creative Camp promoted by the Lombardy Region, in association with the Politecnico of Milan. Send in your application before May 6th 2013.

Creative Camp Lombardy 2013Creative Camps are initiatives to develop networking between cultural and creative industries, micro, small and medium enterprises, in traditional and advanced industries, local institutions, universities and research centers. Creative Camps include many activities to develop new products and/or services, enhancing the growth of the local productive system.

Lombardy Creative Camp
Inspired by the Europe 2020 project, Lombardy Creative Camp is entitled to several goals and macro subjects, such as Multimedia and Communication, Fashion and Service Design. Contestants choose a subject and apply with ideas aimed at EXPO 2015. The selected ideas/concepts will be discussed at the Creative Camp in Lombardy on May 21st – 24th 2013.

The contest is meant for:

  • sole proprietorship, companies, no profit organizations, self-employed people and freelancers, atypical workers in cultural and creative industry;
  • natural persons having documentary skills in cultural and creative industry. Lombardy Creative Camp allows the participation of a cultural and creative industry subject selected by each involved partner institution.

If an idea is selected, a group of national and international experts will help the contestant to realize it. They shall support them until the creation of a prototype and the contestant shall meet some companies and institutions interested to implement it. The applications submission is open from April 3rd, 2013 to May 6th, 2013.

More information
For more information, please download the pdf file or visit the website below:
Creative Camp Lombardy 2013 Call (pdf)