Meet ‘Creative Europe’

21 NOVEMBER 2012

The European Commission aims to launch a new campaign to boost Europe’s cultural and creative industries: Creative Europe.

Meet 'Creative Europe'With a proposed budget of €1.8 billion for the period 2014-2020, Creative Europe aims to reach all strands of Europe’s creative industries, as well as millions of citizens.

The European Commission has stated that: “Creative Europe would promote and safeguard cultural and linguistic diversity and be a much-needed boost for Europe’s cultural and creative sectors, which are a major source of jobs and growth and greatly contribute to social inclusion.” (source: European Commission).

Creative Europe will focus on three main strands; a media, a cultural, and a trans-sectoral strand.

Creative Europe also proposes a new financial guarantee facility (to which the European Comissision would allocate more than €210 million), which would enable the cultural and creative sector to access up to €1 billion in bank loans.

The Commission’s proposal for Creative Europe is currently under discussion in the European Parliament and the European Council.

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