New findings from the European Creative Cluster Lab (ECCL)

21 NOVEMBER 2012

ECCL: key characteristics of creative cluster managers presented to 60 cluster practitioners at the TCI Annual Conference in San Sebastian

Tci2012 websiteThe 15th TCI Annual Global Conference took place from 16th-19th October in the Basque Country, Spain. More than 400 delegates discussed and exchanged on “constructing place-based competitiveness in times of global change”.

During the TCI Annual Conference, Daniel Stürzebecher of the ECCL team has presented ten key findings on the characteristics of creative cluster manager to 60 cluster practitioners from around the world.

The findings derive from qualitative research and interviews with creative cluster managers in Europe that the team has rolled out the last months. The characteristics are related to roles a creative cluster manager has to fulfill as well as to tools and skills that have to be covered by a cluster management team in creative industries clusters.

For example they need to balance a double tracked position, steadily translating between creative and traditional entrepreneurs. In that sense they need to be aware of important skills that creative entrepreneurs might be lacking. At the same time creative cluster managers need to be able to think in the terms of a traditional entrepreneur to create links to traditional industries.

When it comes to tools, evaluation and measuring the initiative’s success is particularly important. However tools developed for traditional industries clusters may not be simply transferable and need to be adapted and explained to creative cluster managers.

Based on these and further findings Daniel introduced a draft training curriculum of trainings for cluster managers in creative industries cluster. In the next months the training modules covering the curriculum will be developed and tested together with the ECCL team. The training modules will support cluster managers in creative industries to attain the skills needed to professionally run their cluster initiative.