New members to the PLP

3 JUNE 2013

ECIA is proud to welcome two members in its midst: Elena Perla Simonetti (CREATE) and Vinoj Schmetz (Wallonia European Creative District).

Neon Ampersand (New York, NY) by takomabibelot, found on Flickr - (CC: and Tuscany are the two European regions selected by the European Commission for their exemplary strategy of supporting the creative economy as a driver of economic change. Both regions function as a demonstrator region on policy for the CCi’s. In the call for ECIA it was announced that the two regions that would be selected by DG Enterprise would automatically become a member of the Alliance.

The projects by Wallonia and Tuscany were chosen from among 44 European regions. Through this initiative, DG Enterprise and Industry wishes to highlight the role which CCIs (Creative and Cultural Industries) are able to play in transforming a region undergoing industrial transition by adding value to its economy through design, creativity and trans-sectoral cooperation, so as to enable it to achieve a strong position in global value chains.

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For more info, read on here at the Creative Wallonia website.