Open Call for +INNOVA CREATIVITY Programme

15 JANUARY 2013

The Direction of Innovation and Information Society of the Basque Government (Spain) has recently published its 1st call for the +INNOVA CREATIVITY Programme.

logo Innova CreativityThe +INNOVA CREATIVITY Programme, under the PRO INNO Europe Initiative and lead by the Basque Government, has published a pilot programme that will finance creative and innovative service provision from foreign creative industries to other industrial sectors in the Basque Country.

Through this project the Basque Government aims to progressively extend the creative dynamism and procedures in sectors not directly related to creativity but potential users of it. It also aims to incorporate excellence service methodologies in Basque Creative Industries through close collaboration with businesses from excellence European creative hubs.

Quote from the organization: “+INNOVA CREATIVITY will promote the definition of the Basque industrial innovation procedures and results through the incorporation of excellent creative industry services.”

In this sense, INFYDE is giving technical advice to the Basque Government in the definition, development and monitoring of the programme. Considering the pilot nature of +INNOVA CREATIVITY, the Basque Government is devoted to monitoring and helping companies (providers of industrial SMEs) in the application process by providing further information about the call, informing about the type of projects the Basque Government is looking for, helping companies in the contrast of drafts, etc.

Potential participants are urged to contact the organisation behind +INNOVA CREATIVITY if any questions would arise.

Download the Call


The call is opened until 28th January 2013.