Open call Ireland’s 4CNW voucher programme

25 JULY 2012

Ireland’s 4CNW voucher programme, a contributing action of ECIA, has released an open call for applications to the new fund, delivered by The Creative State North West (PPP) following their Get Innovating: Faster, Better, Smarter event held this week in Sligo, Ireland. Attended by SMEs and Companies from the Tourism, Technology, Life Sciences and Agri-food sectors from across the region, the packed audience heard about the new Business Innovation Support Programme 4CNW and the accompanying fund of €100,000 for Innovation/Talent Vouchers.

Open call Ireland’s 4CNW voucher programme

A key aim of the 4CNW programme is to enable knowledge exchange and experience between Creative Businesses and the wider business environment through brokered match making, to encourage better practise in demand led innovation. SME’s and Companies will be sponsored to innovate their products, processes and services and matched with an appropriate creative skill set to help solve their innovation need \ challenge. Mary McAuliffe, Programme Director The Creative State North West (PPP) told the packed audience “The 4CNW programme offers SME’s and Companies in the North West the chance to create competitive advantage through creative input at a reduced cost.”

At the morning event the attendees heard about the programme and application process in great detail. Caroline Southgate, CSPhysio & Doris Jones Ltd, literally had the audience on their feet as she interwove exercises into her candid presentation on how collaboration with a creative enterprise helped the growth and competitiveness of her business. Attendees then participated in a short workshop with Sally Brazier designed to help them communicate their business “innovation challenge” Sally is Director of CEOSTRA a UK company that specialises in working with established businesses that want to grow or rejuvenate.

Calling All Creatives
A similar event ‘Calling All Creatives’ was held for Creative Businesses in early June following three informal information events in Counties Donegal, Leitrim and Mayo. All events have had large attendances and Creatives have reported enjoying the opportunity provided by these events to network and share their experiences. Indeed, this new initiative is a significant opportunity for small creative business owners to identify and generate new sources of revenue, collaborate with other businesses to obtain a new perspective on their skills and develop new partnerships to avail of further income opportunities into the future.

About 4CNW
4CNW is co-financed under The European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry. The North West fund is called 4CNW and is the only Irish programme to feed into this new Alliance, giving Creative Industries in the North West a unique opportunity to influence future EC policy in this area. Indeed the North West is a recognised hub of creative talent, with the percentage of people employed in the Creative Industries here being above the European average

First Innovation /Talent Vouchers
The first round of Innovation /Talent Vouchers will be awarded in September 2012 and is confined to businesses in the North West of Ireland; specifically Donegal, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo.

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