Please participate: Questionnaire on the Development of the CCI

11 MARCH 2013

PwC in collaboration with the European Commission is conducting an assessment on the growth of creative industries in selected regions across Europe. Share your views and experience to support creative industries in Europe!

Culture by Scott Beale - Found on Flickr (Creative Commons: by-nc-nd/2.0/deed.en)Understanding how to strengthen business environments and firms is essential for increasing the competitiveness of regions. In order to improve this understanding, PwC and the European Commission are seeking the expertise of different stakeholders including entrepreneurs, investors, representatives of industry associations, researchers and policy makers.

Please help us to develop a better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the creative industries in your city and region, by filling in our online questionnaire.

Please fill in the online questionnaire here.

The questionnaire includes a series of questions to assess the extent to which companies in the creative industries have access to quality services, funding, talent, knowledge and other support measures.

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For further information please contact Erica Monfardini at erica.monfardini[at]

Credits: Image on top of the webpage: ‘Culture’ by John Beale – Found of Flickr (Creative Commons).