PROsumer.NET Final Conference: results are now online!

24 JUNE 2013

The PROsumer.NET project came to an end with the final conference on May 27-28 2013 in Brussels, but the development network of PROsumer.NET has only just begon and is to be expanded in the time to come in the form of the 'European Consumer Goods Research Initiative'. The project results and conclusions are now available online!

Errands in Numbers by Jay Joslin - Found on Flickr (CC) project
This project was a follow-up on the first European Consumer Goods Research Conference and has brought five technology platforms in Europe closer together. The technology platforms come from different sectors such as textiles versus wood-based products. For two years, the project has focused on networking and roadmapping by bringing these platforms together. Topics that have been of importance in this process were for example EU Commission support for research and innovation in this area, the current developments in concepts and technologies and their potential for the industry, societal developments and their influence on the business area, etc. Also, watch the video on the project down below:

Final conference: key issues
During the final conference, the project has been summarized and evaluated, and the results have been presented there. In conclusion, the following points came up during the final conference:

  • an increasing amount of innovations in the consumer goods markets are directly initiated by engaged and pro-active consumers (the PROsumers);
  • this new kind of involvement by consumers creates opportunities for SMEs and fast innovations with an authentic and ethical character and reputation among consumers;
  • business models and strategies that are built around the consumer as a central point are becoming more and more successful and efficient while the advantages of inexpensive mass production and retail on larger scales decreases;
  • the modern (online) technologies brings potential to the table for development, production and spreading new products in a flexible and personal way;
  • design that is integrated in innovation and consumer goods have proved to be extremely valuable and are now indispensable in the European industry and EU policy development.

For more information on the conclusions and outcome of the project: you can find the key documents on this website.

While this European project has come to an end, PROsumer.NET will continue under the flag of the European Consumer Goods Research and Innovation Initiative. The aim will be to reinforce and amplify the PROsumer community. This community exists of innovators and researchers who use the network to bring their needs to the attention, but also to connect with policy makers. They initiate collaboration and aim to strengthen these developed partnerships by providing information and communication/interaction channels.

Conclusions and evaluation of the project